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The Circassian Voice
World Wide Circassian Association
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Our Mission.
Our mission is to preserve/revive Circassian identity, to help circassians around the world feel connected to one global community of adigas no matter where they are, and instil the new generation of circassians with love to our Homeland and ultimately gaining back our Homeland – “CIRCASSIA”.

About US.
Radio Adiga working under the World Wide Circassian Association "C-Ana". The Radio has been running since 2004 through volunteer efforts of several local circassian community members in Israel. This is a Radio for all Adigas around the world, broadcasting in our own language -Circassian language. Also, we have been attempting to broadcast in other languages not to leave out those circassians who already lost their mother tongue. We have been working hard to help young people who wish to maintain or learn their native language. We are proud to share that we have received a lot of warm feedback from people making use of our work.

All the feedback we have received so far, convinced the team of Radio Adiga that keeping the broadcasting alive is a tremendous help for the survival of our nation, its language and culture. This conviction gives a lot of enthusiasm and energy to our team of volunteers, but unfortunately, our efforts alone cannot secure further development of the project's potential. The Radio Adiga is sufferig from severe underfunding that keeps the whole project continuosly struggling for its survival.

If there is anything you are able to do to contribute to our team's efforts,
-please, contact with whatever questions you may have
-or please donate
-or please send our request for help to your friends.

We have been down for several days, but hopefully, will be able to keep working without interruptions.
Radio Adiga team is highly grateful to everybody who has administered support to our project so far.

Thank you for taking time to read this section.
Radio Adiga team.
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