Press Release: No Sochi Olympics on Land of Circassian Genocide




London – July 27, 2012 No Sochi 2014 is in London during the Summer 2012 Olympics offering the truth about the next Olympics site in Sochi, Russia. Krasnaya Polyana (translated to Red Hill) – the location of the alpine events in Sochi- derived its name, for the amount of Circassian blood split.

Circassians were forcibly removed from their homes in Circassia, rounded up in dire concentration camps in Sochi and on the Black Sea coast where disease and death were rampant, and eventually were expelled from their homeland. On May 20, 2011, the nation of Georgia recognized these events as the Circassian Genocide.

The Sochi Olympics in 2014 will occur on the land of the Circassian Genocide, and even more insultingly, on its 150th anniversary. The current Russian narrative and its ongoing policy are to deny these events ever occurred. Nowhere in Olympic literature does it mention that Circassians existed in Sochi or does it ever reference Circassian culture. This denial is an example of continual genocide; the Sochi Olympics is a complete rewrite of history.

Today, Russian policy towards Circassians is one that causes further harm. In the North Caucasus, Circassians have limited rights to free speech and expression. Schools have limited Circassian language instruction in recent years. Furthermore, Circassians are not classified into one ethnic group on the national census, but divided into several ethno-groups thereby propagating Russia's divide and conquer tactics. These examples and other changes in law have further compromised the Circassians abilities to preserve their culture in the homeland.

Russia also makes it difficult for Circassians in Diaspora to repatriate to their homeland. Circassians living in Syria are seeking to flee the current crisis and have requested urgent aid to return to the North Caucasus. These requests have been denied or have fallen on deaf ears.

While in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Russia and its Olympics Organizing Committee will offer guests two venues to showcase Russian culture and highlight Sochi as the next Olympiad. Guests arriving at the doors of Russia and Sochi Park should be aware of the true history of Sochi and realize the "Gateway to Russia" is a gateway on the land of genocide being built by Russian lies and deception.

No Sochi 2014